Over the past few months, Gault&Millau inspectors have been out and about in Knokke-Heist, looking for the best artisan bakeries, top butchers, beer bars, wine stores, chocolatiers, coffee bars, tearooms, ice cream parlors, pastry chefs, caterers, delicatessens, fish stores and gastronomic and theme restaurants. Completely independently, they awarded quality scores to the local traders and made a selection of the best addresses. They collected these in a new culinary guide of 144 pages. This guide will be the culinary reference point for anyone wishing to enjoy themselves in Knokke-Heist. On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, the culinary highlights of Knokke-Heist and the corresponding scores will be announced. Knokke-Heist thus achieves an absolute first. No other municipality in the world has its own culinary Gault&Millau guide with a selection of the best addresses.

Every resident, second-home resident and seasonal renter of Knokke-Heist will receive the guide free of charge in their mailbox in early September 2021. Of course, you can also buy the guide through Tourism Knokke-Heist and in the local bookstores. And this for only € 19.95. All the references in the Knokke-Heist guide are also collected on a new Gault&Millau website with a handy mobile search function. Discover now your new favorite addresses and the most delicious sins. For gastronomy and Knokke-Heist, they are like pepper and salt: inseparably linked.Immerse yourself in our culinary world and enjoy to the full.

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Gault Millau

Precies 1 jaar terug investeerden wij in volle Coronacrisis in 62 zonnepanelen. Vandaag zijn we dan ook wat trots te kunnen melden dat we onze co2 uitstoot met meer dan 13 ton  hebben kunnen verminderen. En in totaal bijna 20.000 KWh elektriciteit hebben kunnen opwekken.

De zonnepanelen geven ons hotel een duurzame uitstraling, het heeft de gasten het gevoel dat ze een verantwoorde keuze hebt gemaakt door voor ons hotel te kiezen. Temeer dat ons hotel op een Top locatie ligt in een zeer natuurrijk gebied aan de rand van het Zwinreservaat, op die manier heeft dat nog wat extra cachet aan het hotel. En wanneer onze klanten dat als prettig ervaren geven wij hiermee een duurzaam visitekaartje af. Voor de zomer komen daar nog een 2 elektrische laadpalen bij zodat de wagens zich van groene elektriciteit kunnen voorzien.

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Hotel St Pol Knokke apply stricter measures

As a family business, Hotel St Pol gives the highest priority to the health, safety and well-being of our guests and employees. In view of the recent developments and the newly announced government measures, our hotel will be closed until May 3. Are you planning to visit our hotel? We recommend to contact us upfront.

It goes without saying that we hope, this will contribute to preventing further spread of the Corona virus. For many decades our family business has been an important meeting place in our society. Within our society our family business has been an important meeting place for many decades, in which many social networks have been established and maintained. It is therefore that we consider the steps we are taking now as unreal and unthinkable. In these circumstances, however, we have no other choice.

We are confident that we as a society will do whatever it takes to bring this situation to a halt, and we will be strong and resilient in the subsequent recovery. For the frequently asked questions and answers, we refer you to The Who for Public Health and Environmental Protection, RIVM.

For questions regarding bookings , please contact the hotel, or your OTA related to the booking you made.

Kind regards,

The Fam. Schlüter Denys

Parking plan Knokke-Heist

Private Parking hotel St Pol:
Out of season: 12.50 euro / night stay.
Season: 12.50 euro / night stay.

Green zone
From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. € 2 per hour, € 10.00 / day
Free outside weekends and school holidays!

Orange zone:
From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. € 2.00/hour max. 4 hours.

To be payed all days.

Red zone:
From 11h to 19h max. 1 hour parking € 2,00/hour second hour is € 3,00/ hour. Max. 2 hours.
To be payed all days.

Underground parking:
Dumortierlaan Underneath the IJzerpark

Under the Verweeplein

Under the minigolf

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