Is a digital guide to the hotel available?

Yes, you can download to plan your stay in advance. Here you will find all information about the hotel, restaurant options and the surrounding area.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool?

We are sorry, but our hotel does not have a swimming pool. We can definitely recommend a visit to the municipal swimming pool Sportoase. This pool offers facilities for young and old and is a great option for guests who want to enjoy a refreshing…

Is there a lift in the hotel?

No, there is no lift available in the hotel. The hotel has only one floor and it is easily accessible by stairs.

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the hotel, except recognised assistance dogs with the necessary legal documents.

Does the hotel have a WiFi network?

Yes, the hotels is equipped with WiFi, both in the hotel rooms and common areas.

Parkeerplan Knokke-Heist

Privé Parking hotel St Pol:
 € 12.50 / nacht verblijf.
1 nacht verblijf kan je 2 dagen parkeren.

Groene zone
Vanaf 11u tot 19u € 2,30/uur, of max. € 12,50 per dag.
Gratis buiten weekends en schoolvakantie!

Oranje zone:
Vanaf 11u tot 19u € 2,50/uur, Max 4 uur parkeren.

Te betalen alle dagen.

Rode zone :
Vanaf 11u tot 19u max. 1 uur parkeren € 2,50/uur, Tweede uur € 3,5 (max. 2 uur parkeren)
Te betalen alle dagen.

Parkeer je langer dan de toegelaten tijd? Dan betaal je het retributietarief van € 80 per dag.

Ondergrondse parking:
Dumortierlaan Onder het ijzerpark

Onder het Verweeplein

Onder de minigolf

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Hotel St. Pol

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