Declaration on information obligation (data protection declaration)

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. We therefore only process your data on the basis of the legal destinations (GDPR, TKG 2003). In this data protection information, we provide you with information on the most important aspects of data processing in the context of our website.

Your rights

You have the legal right to information, correction, deletion, limitation, data portability, revocation and defense. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or that your data protection claims have been violated in one way or another, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria this is the Registration Chamber.

Contact options

If you contact us via the form on the website, by telephone or e-mail, the data you have provided for the processing of the application and in case of follow-up questions will be stored with us. We do not pass this information on to third parties without your permission.

Information about the use of cookies

Cookies technology is used on this website:

Depending on the settings of your web browser, certain data is collected. These are automatically sent to the website provider by your browser using a cookie when you visit this website. This information usually concerns the IP address assigned to your computer and the type of operating system and browser installed. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the hard disk of your computer from a web server. A distinction is made between a “session cookie” and a “long-term cookie”.

Session cookies : A session cookie is created every time you visit this website. It contains a randomly created, unique code number that is assigned to your computer. The validity of a session cookie expires automatically upon closing the browser. The session cookies are used to support the functionality of the website and to know more about your use of the website, which means which pages you open, which links you use and how long you stay on the different pages.

Long-term cookies: To the extent permissible, long-term cookies are used. These cookies do not expire when you close your browser, but they remain on the hard drive until they expire after a certain period of time or are deleted by you. When you visit this website, the web server recognizes the long-term cookie stored on the hard disk of your computer. The command for such a long, unique recognition of your computer allows favorite settings and the way they are used to be stored in a database. This allows you to map how often you visit this website, how your user habits change and how effective the advertising activities of the website are. No personal data is stored with this information, only the actions performed with your computer.

If you click through to an email sent to the website, or if a “user identity” has been created during your visit, the information provided by the website or by third-party cookies may include information from the provider’s website data files. linked, with which you can link back to your identity.

Consent to the use of cookies : for session cookies, your prior consent is not mandatory because they are only necessary for the functioning of the website and expire once you have left the website. The use of long-term cookies, which save your favorite settings and your user history, but which are not necessary for the functionality of the website, do require your prior consent. By using the website, you agree to the use of long-term cookies insofar as you do not prevent the installation of these cookies by changing the settings in your computer. This also applies to third-party cookies.

Web beacons : the website may contain pixel graphics. They are called “web beacons”, “single-pixel GIFs” or “clear GIFs”. Third parties can use web beacons to learn more about the behavior of your website visitors and measure the functioning of the advertising activities. Web beacons can also be used in advertising emails to determine if they open and activate a user activity. The information stored in web beacons will only be linked to your personal data if you have given your prior consent. By clicking on a link in an advertising email sent to you with your permission, you agree to the use of web beacons, provided that you do not prevent the installation of these web beacons by changing the settings in your computer.

Current cookies used on the website  (current status of our cookie use, their purpose, their impact on privacy and their durability):

Session ID : The web server may set session cookies that are necessary for the use of certain interactive elements of the website (e.g. contact forms or login). The cookie contains a session ID, which distinguishes your visit to our website from any other visitor who visits the website at the same time. Session cookies are necessary for the use of the website and your permission is not required.

Analytics : the website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics installs multiple first mover cookies, which guarantees that each subsequent visit to the website can be assigned to the same (unique) visitor. In addition, this way you can see how you found the page.

Website navigation : the content management tool sets various first mover cookies. These are session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser. These cookies determine the correct functioning of our website. This data is bundled and can be assigned to someone.

Reports are compiled in a bundled form, based on the data registered using the first mover cookies, which make clear how the visitor came to the website and how he uses it. With the help of this report, information about all visitor behavior is collected. This information is used to update and improve the website.

Cookies from third parties : third-party cookies are cookies set by partners. If this partner is allowed to place a cookie on a page of a website, the website provider will point out the rules and inform you that the report of the information collected using such cookies is the visitor’s consent requires. You can refuse this permission if you change the settings of your computer.

Cookies from advertising partners are used and external content from third parties is built into the website. These are cookies that are part of the domain of the third parties and are therefore presented and managed by these third parties. These third parties include Facebook and Twitter. You can view the cookie guidelines of these third parties on their respective websites. Furthermore, the Google Maps tool and the “I like” plugin from Facebook are used. The data protection provisions of this supplier apply. The website supplier has no direct control over the content of the cookies that these plugins set.

Other : Occasionally other services are tested that may place cookies on your computer. In that case, the corresponding method of use is applied here.

This way you change your cookie settings

Configuring your internet browser is free and a convenient way to manage cookies. You have the following options:

Allow the use of all cookies, which are built into the pages and content you have accessed.

Reference: on the one hand, these cookies can only be read by the client. On the other hand, this process is not final. You can deactivate these cookies at any time later (the management of cookies depends on your internet browser; see the relevant instructions).

Block the use of cookies on your device. In this case, the navigation may be affected. Certain functions require cookies (for example, it is possible that your operating system is not recognized or that the expected language is not indicated). The website operator does not take any responsibility for problems that may be the basis for a possible malfunction of the services if the necessary cookies are not available.

Set your browser so that you are asked for your permission to install a new cookie on your device.

The way in which the cookies are managed depends on your browser.

Detailed instructions for data protection

Server log files

For technical reasons, the following information from the browser is provided to us, respectively. transferred to the webspace provider. (Browser including version, operating system, referring website, pages visited, date & time you accessed and IP address).

This data is stored separately from the personal data and does not allow feedback to the person in question. They are only used for statistical purposes.


You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter via the website. For this we need your e-mail address and your statement that you agree with the newsletter subscription. We will then inform you about our current offers at regular intervals. We check whether the recipient has actually registered for the newsletter by means of a Double-Opt-In setting. When registering, the IP address and the date of the registration are stored in order to be able to comply with our notification obligation in case of abuse. All stored data is used exclusively for sending the newsletter. Title, name and language are used for the personalization & localization of the newsletter. You can cancel the newsletter at any time in any separate newsletter and this can also be done by sending us an email. We will delete your data regarding the sending of the newsletter.

Web analysis

Our website uses functions of the web analysis service Google Analytics of the Company Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. Cookies are used for this, which enable an analysis of the use of the website by its users. The information obtained in this way is forwarded to the server of the service provider in the USA and stored there. You can prevent this by setting your browser so that no cookies are stored. We have entered into a related agreement with the service provider for the processing of the order data. We use Google Analytics with the IP anonymization function. This shortens and anonymises your IP address. The relationship with the web analysis provider is based on an adequacy decision by the European Commission under Google’s Privacy Shield. This data processing is a consequence of the legal provisions of § 96 Abs 3 TKG and of the Art 6 Abs 1 lit a (consent) and / or f (rightful involvement) of the GDPR. Our aim in accordance with the GDPR (rightful involvement) is to improve our offer and our website. The user data is stored for a period of 26 months. Google offers a browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics. You can find it here: Our aim in accordance with the GDPR (rightful involvement) is to improve our offer and our website. The user data is stored for a period of 26 months. Google offers a browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics. You can find it here: Our aim in accordance with the GDPR (rightful involvement) is to improve our offer and our website. The user data is stored for a period of 26 months. Google offers a browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics. You can find it here:


Our website uses functions for remarketing from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA.

This makes it possible to offer visitors to our websites targeted, personalized and interest-based advertising. The form projection of the advertisement is the result of a cookie-based analysis of past usage and surfing behavior. No personal data is stored. A cookie is stored to register anonymized data about the interests of the user and to tailor advertising to this information. You can permanently disable the use of retargeting cookies if you deactivate the interest-based advertising by Google here:

Facebook Pixel

With your permission, we use the “Pixel Visitor Actions” of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”) within our Internet operations. This allows us to track the activities of users after they have seen or clicked on an ad displayed on Facebook. For example, we can adjust the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes. The data collected in this way is anonymous to us, which means that we do not see the personal data of the individual user. However, this data is stored and processed by Facebook, about which we will inform you based on our available knowledge. You can disable ads from Facebook and its partners on and outside Facebook. A cookie can also be stored on your computer for this purpose.


Our Internet operations use multiple plugins from Facebook, Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. You can recognize these Plugins by the blue “F” of Facebook or by the fact that this Plugin is marked with the word “Facebook”. When contacting our website, these plugins connect to the Facebook server and transfer data. First, the information you see is sent directly from the server to your browser and displayed there visually. On the other hand, information about your visit to our website is passed on to Facebook. If you are logged in to Facebook, the information passed on can be directly linked to your account. When interacting with the functions of the plugins, for example by clicking on the “I Like” button, this information is transmitted directly to Facebook by your browser and stored there. The further processing of this information rests with Facebook; the corresponding conditions and setting options can be found on the Facebook data protection guide. If you want to prevent your personal data from being passed on to Facebook, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our website.

Data storage during online booking

We would like to point out that for the online booking and for the subsequent settlement of the agreement with the online booking system, cookies and the IP data of the subscriber are stored, as well as the data of the person booking during the online booking.

In addition, all data necessary for the processing of the agreement for the booking are stored with us. The data released by you are necessary for the fulfillment of the agreement, respectively. to perform pre-contractual measures. We cannot conclude the agreement with you without this information. There is no transfer of the data to third parties, with the exception of the corresponding channel manager, the hotel program, respectively. the transfer of credit card information to the treating bank / payment institution for the purpose of debiting the online booking, and to our tax advisor for the fulfillment of our tax obligations.

The data stored with us will be deleted when the online booking is canceled. In case of a successful online booking, the relevant data from the contractual agreement will be kept until the end of the taxpayer retention period (7 years).

The data processing is the result of the legal provisions of § 96 Abs 3 TKG and of Art 6 Abs 1 lit a (consent) and / or lit b (necessary for the execution of the agreement) of the GDPR.

Google Maps

Our website uses functions of the atlas supplier Google Maps from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. Google Maps sets a cookie to register and process the user settings. To prevent data transfer to Google, you must deactivate the Javascript function in your browser. That does mean that the use of Google Maps is restricted. Information about Google’s terms of use can be found here:

Google Fonts

We integrate certain fonts through the Google Fonts service of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. This is necessary for the image of the font used. Font integration follows contact with Google server and uploads into browser cache. When downloading the font, your IP address and the website visited are communicated to Google. More information can be found here. Google Fonts:

Google Terms of Use:

Youtube Videos

Our website uses functions of the YouTube video portal of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. When a website with a YouTube video is visited, a connection is made to the YouTube (Google) server. The IP address is then passed on to Google. In order not to provide personal data to Google, you must log out of your Google Account before visiting our site. Further information can be found in the YouTube data protection provisions:

Data protection declaration for the use of Google +1

Registration and transfer of information:

With the help of the Google +1 function box you can publish information worldwide. The Google +1 function box allows you and other users to access personalized content from Google and our partners. Google stores both the information that you have given +1 for content, as well as information about the page that you viewed when you clicked +1. Your +1 can be inserted as a reference along with your profile name and your photo in Google services, such as in search results or in your Google profile, or in other places on websites and advertisements on the internet.

Google records information about your +1 activities to improve Google services for you and others. In order to use the Google +1 function box, you need a globally visible, public Google profile, which must contain at least the name chosen for the profile. This name is used by all Google services. In many cases, this name can also be replaced by another name that you used when sharing content via your Google account. The identity of your Google profile can be shown to users who know your e-mail address or who have other identifying information about you.

Use of the registered information:

In addition to the purposes of use explained above, the information you have released will be used in accordance with the applicable Google data protection regulations. Google may produce summarized statistics about the +1 activities of the user resp. passes it on to users and partners, such as Publisher, Inserenten or associated websites.

Data protection declaration for the use of Twitter

Functions of the Twitter service are built into our pages. These functions are offered by the Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. By using Twitter and the “Re-Tweet” function, the websites you visit are linked to your Twitter account and made known to other users. In addition, data is also passed on to Twitter.

We point out that as a supplier of the pages we do not obtain any knowledge about the content of the transferred data and their use by Twitter. More information can be found in the data protection declaration of Twitter at

You can change your data protection settings at Twitter in your account settings at

Other third-party supplier tools

Our website uses functions, widgets resp. plugins from

TripAdvisor (valuation widget): TripAdvisor LLC, 400 1st Avenue, Needham, MA 02494, USA

Holiday check (valuation widget): HolidayCheck AG, Bahnweg 8, CH-8598 Bottighofen

The IP address is passed on to these third-party supplier tools to ensure their functioning. We have no influence on this, if the third-party supplier stores the IP address for statistical purposes or the like. More information can be found in the data protection declarations of the relevant services.

Online Dispute Resolution Information

The EU commission offers the possibility of online dispute resolution on a platform managed by the commission (the so-called “ODR platform”). The ODR platform can serve as a point of contact for an out-of-court resolution of conflicts arising from online purchase contracts or service contracts. This platform can be reached via the external link

Update of these data protection provisions

We regularly update these data protection provisions. If you have any questions about our data protection provisions, please contact the contact below.

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