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The beautiful Zwin landscape of today looked completely different in the Middle Ages. The wide Zwin channel with its flourishing world harbours along it were decisive for theVerdwenenZwinhavens_Z-Card_Z10_700x297_Digitaal. Thanks to this connection with the sea, Bruges and Flanders experienced golden times. The route lets you discover this beautiful cycling area between Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Damme and Bruges. With a little foreknowledge and the free cycling map, you can still see traces of this rich past in the landscape. Four outdoor (coronaproof) VR viewers along the route will help your imagination go a long way. Two indoor VR viewers in the Kijkcentrum Zwin Nature Park allow you to experience the evolution of the Zwin channel as a bird in the air (included in the Zwin Nature Park entrance ticket). If you look through the binoculars, you will virtually end up in the bustling medieval harbour town from the current landscape. You’re right in the middle of it and can look around 360°. Even more fun! Those who scan the QR code on the cycling map receive notifications along the way. You’ll thus see archaeological finds in the landscape around you appear on your smartphone.
Download the Plan of the bicycle route below.


Discover the cycling route

Cover Verdwenen Zwinhavens

Distance: 60 km, or choose a 44 km or 31 km loop
Starting points: Zwin Nature Park, Sluis, Damme or Bruges
Signalisation: The route is fully signposted
Including: all practical information, location viewers and tips along the way
Extra: the cycling map is in four languages (NL-FR-DE-EN)

Pick up your free paper copy at Het Zwin Nature Park, the Tourist Offices in the region or order through the webshop (postage charged).

Would you prefer a handy pdf with the route and tips along the way directly into your mailbox?

Order on the webshop                                                     Mail us the route

Webapp for on the go

Webapp Verdwenen Zwinhavens

The web app allows you to follow the bike route on your smartphone and get notifications along the way with fascinating archaeological facts!

You don’t have to download an app. Archaeologists from Ghent University have been researching this landscape for years and share their knowledge.

Along the way, discover relics in the landscape, objects and events from the Zwin region at that time. From jars from distant regions that were excavated here, over sea battles to ballast stones.

Tip: You do not have to be on site to view the web app. You can easily view all the information from your armchair!

Guga Baúl verkent de Verdwenen Zwinhavens fietsroute

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